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The weather is getting warmer, the beaches are getting crowded, wildlife is starting to get active, these are all signs telling us that Summer is finally here. I can’t believe it was nearly a year a go when the Nintendo 3DS was first announced at E3. It seems like yesterday when I started to bug Gamestation nearly every day about new news about it, nice guys by the way. Well, it’s nearly time for E3, and there’s a bunch of 3DS games coming out within the next couple of months.

Look at the full listing after the break!



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I’m officially back 😀

I know it’s been a while (the fact that there were over 3000 spam comments in the spam inbox proves it) but I’m finally back.

The reason for my sudden disappearance isn’t Alien Abduction, but School and Exams. But now that I have finished all my Coursework and Half of my Examinations, I should be able to get on with the blog 😀

I would've preferred the Abduction if you guys asked me 😐


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